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When I Grow Up: My Passion Project

When I Grow UpKayla FarhangComment

Hi guys!  I'm SO excited to announce the launch of my passion project, "When I Grow Up".  This will be a series of interviews with people who I think have some of the coolest jobs on the planet.  Why am I doing this?  Well, as most of you know, I quit my corporate job at the age of 29 to pursue a career I was passionate about.  Many people have asked me how I did it, so this is for them.  It's also for everyone graduating high school or college who want to know more about creative careers and what else is out there other than the ones we all know about: doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.  It's also for my 29 year old self who googled, "people who have quit their jobs and found success" and found nothing.  What you'll find in these videos are people being honest about their struggles and self doubt, taking bold chances, going for their dreams when everyone warned them against it.  This project is for the dreamers...that's right, I said it.


I didn't even have to think about who my first subject would be.  I met Laura Grier about 10 years ago and have watched her career grow from an assistant at a photography studio to a wedding photographer to a highly sought after destination wedding photographer.  Her Facebook page is filled with THE MOST beautiful photos from all over the world and if I could trade shoes with her for a day...or a week...or a year, I would!


In our interview we talk about her struggles to get her career started (winning prize money from reality TV and game shows to afford to pay rent and buy her first camera), to making the switch from wedding photographer to destination wedding photographer, to the importance of knowing your brand and owning it.


If you know anyone who is interested in making a photography a career, please forward and if you have any careers you want to know about, let me know and I'll add it to my list!

If you want to know more about Laura or to just gawk over her gorgeous photos: www.beautifuldayphotography.com  http://wanderlustbylauragrier.com