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The Simple Things in Life

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IMG_1769There's this quote I love by Paulo Coelho: "It's the simplest things in life that are the most extraordinary".  And it's the simplicity of this dress that I love the most. IMG_1851

As a matter of fact, when I look back at my fashion choices over the years, it's always the simple things that really stand the test of time: a classic cut, a great fit, a beautiful color.IMG_1794When you choose a simple dress, you can have more fun with your accessories.  A bold necklace, a dramatic earring, a fun clutch or in my case these leather caged booties.

IMG_1817This would be a perfect dress to wear to a wedding shower, engagement party or even a more casual wedding on the beach or in the park.  It also looks great just with a pair of flats for a more casual, everyday summer look.


Sometimes less really is more.



Dress, BCBGeneration (similar): $78

Caged Shoe, Zara: $99

Bag, Zara: $99 (now $59)




Wedding Season: What to Wear

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IMG_0450We're women, but secretly we're all still little girls at heart and sometimes you just wear something that makes you want to twirl!  And this skirt from Express is one of those things.  It's a black high-waisted fit-and-flare skirt which maybe normally wouldn't have caught my eye, but it has this 6 in or so sheer band that just makes it so unique and special. IMG_0457

Wedding season has officially started so I've been getting a lot of questions about what to wear to weddings and I think this is a great option for a formal or semi-formal wedding.

IMG_0449I love how classic it is (Audrey Hepburn, anyone?), but it's still so unique and on-trend with the sheer paneling and cropped zip-back tee.


I also love that it's separates because I hate when I buy a dress, wear it to one or two events and then it just hangs in my closet.  When you buy separates you can mix and match and make several different looks from just two pieces (post on that coming soon!).


I stumbled across this sketch of Audrey Hepburn from the movie Sabrina shortly and it just proves that some looks are timeless.


High Waist Sheer Panel Skirt, Express: $79

Cropped Zip Back Tee, Express: $49

Black Stecy Heels, Steve Madden: $79  (also seen here and here)

Pretty in Pink

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IMG_0433_FBAh, I just love this dress!  I feel like Sophia Varga must feel every day of her life. I feel like if I were cast in a movie, I would be the classy girlfriend of someone who works in the drug cartel or a very important publicist of some sort.  LOL, you get the idea...I feel good in it. IMG_0427And how sexy are these Steve Madden strappy sandals?

IMG_0430Oh, and the exposed zipper down the back?

IMG_0419Yeah, I feel sassy in this dress.  This is the first piece of pink in my closet (normally not my color).  And did I mention it's only $50?!?!  What!  Yes, you heard me right.


This dress would be great to wear to a wedding or to the office (if you're some high-power cool publicist of some sort like Samantha in SATC) or on a date (and god bless you if someone's taking you on a date where you get to wear a killer-sexy dress like this).


Pink Dress, Zara: $49

Colorblock Bag, Zara: $99

Black Stecy Heels, Steve Madden: $79








Black, White & Red All Over

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IMG_0410Black and white stripes.  Check.  Amazing Silhouette.  Check.  Sexy low cut back. Check.  Under $50. Check. IMG_0412This is just one of those dresses that you just slip on and immediately feel sexy and confident.

IMG_0414And is there anything sexier than a low-cut back?  I didn't think so.


This is a great dress for a shower, wedding, date, special occasion or no occasion at all (other than looking and feeling fabulous!)


Black & White Dress, Zara: $49

Stecy Shoe, Steve Madden: $79

Everyday Gray Dress

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IMG_0372_FBHere's the deal.  I love being a woman and I love feeling beautiful, but more than anything I LOVE to be comfortable.  I think once you hit 30, you're just over wearing things that pinch or poke or destroy your feet.  So with that being said, please meet my new, very comfortable AND beautiful dress....or PJ's (we'll get to that later). IMG_0359It has a built-in lace bra that conveniently peeks through on the sides and the back which I find incredibly sexy and I think my husband does too because when I walked out wearing this he said, "I feel like I should take you to dinner...and dancing" (insert awkward dance moves here).  See, sexy side lace below.


And sexy back lace and draping...

IMG_0375In the interest of full-disclosure, I will say this: this dress is dangerously thin.  So thin, in fact, that it might turn into lounge-wear (which I'm in desperate need of anyway...seriously, it's time to get rid of my baggy hoodie and sweat pant look I've been rocking lately).


And just one final close-up of my necklace (which you may notice is moving all around in the photos), but I love wearing a long necklace tight around the neck and loose in the back so it falls in the draping.  (side note: this photo totally cracks me up, why so serious, Kayla? and what's over that way?)  One day if I'm brave enough I might post all my other hilarious out-takes.


 BCBGeneration Gray Dress: $78

Zara Sandals: $60

Zara Bag: $99

Ann Taylor Sunglasses (similar): $88



Feeling Blue? Repeat after me:

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IMG_9923_a "I promise...to get rid of all my ugly, comfy, run-around clothes and to replace them with beautiful, feminine, (but equally comfy) run-around clothes".


When I was doing my "30 Days a Lady" challenge, I realized I would come home and put on my super-soft, super unflattering Hawaii hoodie and baggy sweat pants.  This is what I wear around the house, to run to the coffee shop, to walk the dog and while I was comfy, I definitely didn't feel great about myself.


I'm not saying we have to look beautiful all the time, but i definitely don't feel good about myself in my sweats.  So, I started seeking out new comfy clothes so that my 30 days a lady could turn into a lot more like 365 days a lady.

OK, great, but where do we start?  With a maxi skirt or dress.  You can find them EVERYWHERE right now in bright fun colors or prints or even black or gray.  And most are made out of jersey, the same super-soft material that your sweats are made out of.


I absolutely love this bright blue maxi, I can throw pretty much any shirt on in my closet with it and it's going to look great and it's so soft and silky a comfortable too.


Blue Maxi Skirt, Zara: $49

Striped Tank, Zara: $10

Jacket, H&M: $39

Bag, Zara: $99

Shoes, Zara: $60


A #SlugBug Story

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IMG_0296_help A lot of people ask me where I take my photos for the blog and the answer is I normally find them while not even looking.  If you read my blog, you know I rarely drive down the same streets, so I'm always finding new twists and turns and interesting sights in LA.


Today I was driving down a gorgeous tree-lined street with really big, old homes on it, but the thing that caught my eye was this beat-up old VW bug.  It reminded me of the one my Uncle Ralph used to drive when I was a kid and I though it was the coolest car ever (even cooler than our Trans Am).


I, of course, also had flashback to playing Slug Bug with my sister on car rides.  After "shotgun" was called and officially awarded, we turned to car games like I Spy or Slug Bug to occupy our time. It was the one time we had free reign to just fully punch one another without getting in trouble.


Skirt, J. Crew: $98

Shirt, Zara: $25

Jacket, H&M: $35

Shoes, Madewell: $55

Hat, Nordstrom: $20