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A #SlugBug Story

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IMG_0296_help A lot of people ask me where I take my photos for the blog and the answer is I normally find them while not even looking.  If you read my blog, you know I rarely drive down the same streets, so I'm always finding new twists and turns and interesting sights in LA.


Today I was driving down a gorgeous tree-lined street with really big, old homes on it, but the thing that caught my eye was this beat-up old VW bug.  It reminded me of the one my Uncle Ralph used to drive when I was a kid and I though it was the coolest car ever (even cooler than our Trans Am).


I, of course, also had flashback to playing Slug Bug with my sister on car rides.  After "shotgun" was called and officially awarded, we turned to car games like I Spy or Slug Bug to occupy our time. It was the one time we had free reign to just fully punch one another without getting in trouble.


Skirt, J. Crew: $98

Shirt, Zara: $25

Jacket, H&M: $35

Shoes, Madewell: $55

Hat, Nordstrom: $20