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Clothes are Like Girlfriends

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As I was helping a new client clean out her closet yesterday, I stumbled on a lovely piece of wisdom I thought I would share with you in today's post.  At this point in my life I have realized that it's best to only surround myself with positive friends.  In my younger days, I spent a lot more time with people who were energy drainers: gossipers, Debbie Downers and the like.  You know the ones, you always leave their company feeling sad, bad, depressed or bothered.

As we were sorting through my clients clothes I said, "you know, clothes are a lot like your girlfriends, you only want to be surrounded by the ones that lift you up and make you feel good about yourself and get rid of the friends that make you feel bad about yourself."

So every time we came to a certain item up for debate I would ask, "Does this make you feel beautiful?", "Does this make you feel sexy", "Does this make you feel happy?".  If the answer was no, said item ended up in our heap of clothes on the floor.  By the way, it is ok for your clothes, like a friend, to make you feel comfortable.

5 large garbage bags later, we had gotten rid of most of the Debbie Downers in her closet and were left with a much happier closet!