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Everyday Gray Dress

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IMG_0372_FBHere's the deal.  I love being a woman and I love feeling beautiful, but more than anything I LOVE to be comfortable.  I think once you hit 30, you're just over wearing things that pinch or poke or destroy your feet.  So with that being said, please meet my new, very comfortable AND beautiful dress....or PJ's (we'll get to that later). IMG_0359It has a built-in lace bra that conveniently peeks through on the sides and the back which I find incredibly sexy and I think my husband does too because when I walked out wearing this he said, "I feel like I should take you to dinner...and dancing" (insert awkward dance moves here).  See, sexy side lace below.


And sexy back lace and draping...

IMG_0375In the interest of full-disclosure, I will say this: this dress is dangerously thin.  So thin, in fact, that it might turn into lounge-wear (which I'm in desperate need of anyway...seriously, it's time to get rid of my baggy hoodie and sweat pant look I've been rocking lately).


And just one final close-up of my necklace (which you may notice is moving all around in the photos), but I love wearing a long necklace tight around the neck and loose in the back so it falls in the draping.  (side note: this photo totally cracks me up, why so serious, Kayla? and what's over that way?)  One day if I'm brave enough I might post all my other hilarious out-takes.


 BCBGeneration Gray Dress: $78

Zara Sandals: $60

Zara Bag: $99

Ann Taylor Sunglasses (similar): $88