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Feeling Blue? Repeat after me:

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IMG_9923_a "I promise...to get rid of all my ugly, comfy, run-around clothes and to replace them with beautiful, feminine, (but equally comfy) run-around clothes".


When I was doing my "30 Days a Lady" challenge, I realized I would come home and put on my super-soft, super unflattering Hawaii hoodie and baggy sweat pants.  This is what I wear around the house, to run to the coffee shop, to walk the dog and while I was comfy, I definitely didn't feel great about myself.


I'm not saying we have to look beautiful all the time, but i definitely don't feel good about myself in my sweats.  So, I started seeking out new comfy clothes so that my 30 days a lady could turn into a lot more like 365 days a lady.

OK, great, but where do we start?  With a maxi skirt or dress.  You can find them EVERYWHERE right now in bright fun colors or prints or even black or gray.  And most are made out of jersey, the same super-soft material that your sweats are made out of.


I absolutely love this bright blue maxi, I can throw pretty much any shirt on in my closet with it and it's going to look great and it's so soft and silky a comfortable too.


Blue Maxi Skirt, Zara: $49

Striped Tank, Zara: $10

Jacket, H&M: $39

Bag, Zara: $99

Shoes, Zara: $60