Kayla Renee

I love nothing more than working one-on-one with my personal styling clients.  During our time together, I will help you to develop and create a personal style that fits your budget, lifestyle and body type. If you look good, you will feel good and when you feel good, you will make healthy and positive decisions for your day and your life.  Getting dressed in the morning is like planting the seed for your day.  It all starts with consciousness.

How I Work

Getting to Know You

The first and most important step is getting to know one another.  I have a questionnaire that I created after working with numerous clients over the years and it's really a great exercise to get you starting to think about your current wardrobe, how you feel in it and how you would like to feel in your ideal wardrobe.  It's also a great opportunity to identify and resolve conflicting intentions when it comes to feeling your best. Simply filling these questions out will give us some quick and easy tools for cleaning your closet and shopping for new pieces.  An initial consult normally lasts 1-2 hours.  The initial consult is free and from here we decide what package works best for you.

Changing Lives, One Closet at a Time

Trust me when I say this, there is no bigger rush than cleaning out your closet.  Did you know that most women only wear about 15% of what is in their closet?  Normally all the clutter in your closet causes a mix of emotions including guilt, sadness, being overwhelmed and underwhelmed for that matter and it definitely doesn't make you excited about going to your closet every morning.  For this important second step, I meet you at your house and help you streamline your existing closet only keeping the pieces that work best for you.  I can also help you to donate or sell the clothes that are no longer working for you. 

Building a Wardrobe You Love

We can do this by simply creating new looks from existing pieces already in your closet or by shopping for new items to complete your wardrobe. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.  We can go shopping together or I can bring clothes to you for a personal, private fitting.  If we go shopping together, we'll pick a store to start out and I will have a dressing room arranged with clothes I have pre-selected for you to try on.  From there, we can keep going until we get everything we need so that you feel you have a complete and happy closet.


Just like every person is unique, so is every package.  No two clients are alike and therefore it's really hard for me to post a price on this site.  For some clients, we clean their closets in 2 hours, for others 2 days.  After our initial consult, I'll have a much better idea of your needs and can provide you with a more comprehensive quote.