Kayla Renee

“Kayla came to help me clean out my closet to make space for my new husband to move in. In just three short hours she transformed my closet & my life. We pulled everything out & didn’t put anything back unless it gave me joy. I love everything in my closet now. I gave Goodwill 13 bags of clothes that I don’t even miss. Getting dressed is so easy now because I can see everything in my closet. Not only does Kayla have great style but she is a super nice and fun person to boot! Hire her, you won’t regret it!”
— Tracey M.
“Shopping with Kayla is a total pleasure. She is gentle and firm at the same time. Kayla changed the way I look and the way I feel about myself. She profoundly affected my life.”
— Tamar D.
“Kayla is amazing to work with! She has a great personality that makes you feel really comfortable. Her impeccable eye for fashion is a true talent! The best experience ever!”
— Stephanie B.
“LA’s loss is definitely Austin’s gain- Kayla is the best! Having her as my stylist was truly a life changing experience for me. I had her come help me go through my closet (17 bags gone!) and then we went shopping to replace some items. It was a very personalized experience. She didn’t just clean out my closet or shop for me, she taught me how to maintain my closet and how to shop for my budget, my body and my age/ place in life. A year later and I am still following her guidelines. In addition to that, she is just an awesome person and fun to hang out with!”
— Corey D.
“Great experience. She dressed my body and my lifestyle. Great, honest feedback and styling tips. And she is super fun! Highly recommend.”
— Nicole S.
“Kayla is gorgeous and talented, and a true professional. I have worked with her on several occasions - she has a great eye, strong recommendations. She’s also just plain fun to work with.”
— Suzzette R.
“Kayla for is my stylist for more than five years now. Kayla is professional, has great taste in style, and has vast knowledge in design, brands (and non-brands) colors and style world. But her real spark is being personal and truly LOVING what she does. She listens to YOUR needs, has an exceptional patience to shop, match and help you look in STYLE (to any event)!!
Love Kayla. Simply THE BEST!!

ps- try to just go over your closet with her... miracles :)”
— Etel L.
“Kayla knew exactly where i needed to go. She really helped me pinpoint exactly what kind of style i need to wear. she also explained to me what kind of style i need so i can go shopping myself and be confident that i know what is good for me. i have received many compliments on my new look and definitely feel more confident!”
— Nechama Y.